This Sunday is a New Moon. This is a time of energy winding down, where we might see the consequences of our recent past actions starting to settle out. Often, women who are not altering their menstrual cycles may notice their bleeding begins before or near the New Moon (also called the Dark Moon). Whereas Full Moons are times of action, New Moon energy allows for reflection.

If you are looking to work with lunar energy, the New Moon is a great time to work with some simple meditations and ritual work that will help you connect with your inner intentions. To work with New Moon energy, begin a few days before the New Moon and become clear on your intentions. Perhaps there is something you hope to cultivate more of in your life (or less) What is it? Can you be open and honest with yourself so your intentions can ring clear? Journaling, meditation or other contemplative practices like gentle yoga, can help bring some clarity to your thoughts and allow those deep prayers of the heart to surface.

Working with ritual during the New Moon doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair. Let’s say you spend a little time each day over the next few days sitting quietly in meditation, or doing some light yoga, or even going for walks outside, and during those quiet moments with yourself, your intention begins to form. It might be very quiet at first, like tiny bubbles under the surface of the water. But the more you stay with it, the louder that intention gets, the closer to the surface is rises. You can see it in your mind, feel it in your heart.

On Sunday, during the New Moon, carve out just a few minutes to yourself (or together as a family) to sit quietly and write that intention down. Light a candle and speak it out loud. Then sit quietly for a few minutes, feeling your breath on the inhale and exhale. On the inhale, draw in anything that will help you connect with your intention. On the exhale, release anything that does not serve that intention.

If any readers already work with New Moon energy and ritual, I would love to hear it. This is always a safe space for sharing out and when a woman shares her stories, we all learn.